On March 24, 2021, at 13.00 in online format, using the Google Meet Platform, the Department of “Business Administration and Modern Languages” organized the 6th Session “Guidance and career counseling of master students”, held in within the RESTART project (no. 585353-EPP-1-2017-1-EN-EPPKA2-) (P7 _SAUM). The event was attended by over 30 master students from different study programs: 30 master students and 8 teachers.

During the Session  Master students from the  programs “Business and  Administration in the Agri-Food Sector”, “Rural Tourism”, “Economy and Rural Development Policies”, “Agri-Food Marketing”, “Finance and Control in the Agri-Food Sector”, “Accounting and Auditing in the Agri-Food Sector ” and undergraduate students participated in debates regarding building a successful career in companies, pointing out the challenges of growth and professional development throughout the career. Issues related to employment opportunities in the labor market were also discussed; marketing and needs analysis on the labor market; support in the elaboration of the professional development plan (management of aptitude, financial, informational, technological, formative resources; stress management, time management, quality management, etc.).

As mentors participated, teachers and employers from various enterprises: Purcari Group, Holding Zernoff, SRL Arital Lux, SA Eximbank, SA Moldova-Agroindbank LELIC, SRL “Dream Garden”.

European experts within the project: DRAB Radovan, Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia and STOYCHEVA Bozhana, “ANGEL KANCHEV” University, Ruse, Bulgaria and Liliana LUPUȘOR AUF Bucharest, Romania.

The experience of the partners caused  discussions between the participants within  the session, who analyzed the possible methods of developing a successful career in entrepreneurship and outlined individual career development plans.