1.UNIVERSITY POLITEHNICA OF BUCHAREST, Romania – project coordinator

Splaiul Independenței 313, district 6, Bucharest

The University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (UPB), founded in 1948, is the largest and most prestigious technical university in Romania, classified, in the top 12 universities, as “University for advanced research and education” and the best national university, according to the international “University Ranking by Academic Performance”.

The UPBs development objective aims to consolidate its engagement position in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) through a comprehensive internationalization strategy based on strategic cooperation, partnerships and capacity building with universities in Europe and all over the world. It assumes active commitment in modernizing educational processes by maximizing the potential of ICT learning and strengthening the links between education and employers.

  3.UNIVERSITY OF RUSE “ANGEL KANCHEV”, Bulgaria – project partner

  8 Studentska street, Ruse

University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev” (URAK) was established in 1945. It employs over 800 staff of which about 490 are academics. Since 2014 the University of Ruse participates very actively the HEInnovate concept of the European Commission.

In 2013 URAK was selected on 4th place in the national selection for European Enterprise Promotion Awards – 2013. Since 2009 URAK’s team within the RESITA network cooperation is responsible for publishing of the online-based Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and provides support for individuals and groups to move from entrepreneurial ideas to action by its Center for Entrepreneurship.

 5.TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF KOSICE, Slovak Republic – project partner

Letná 9, 04200, Kosice


Technical University  of Košice (TUKE) was established in 1952. The content of education and research at TUKE includes the entire complex of sciences and economics, seeking to maintain a cohesive and interdependent relationship between teaching, research and service activities in  accordance to European state of Art.

It`s main mission is to combine science with industry practice, to protect and raise the profile of innovative ideas and to seek partners and enhance creativity. UCITT supports scientific and innovative projects by providing consultancy and advisory services in project proposal process and organizes information seminars, workshops, conferences, business meetings of science parks representatives and professionals from scientific centres.

7.”ALECU RUSSO” BĂLȚI STATE UNIVERSITY, Republic of Moldova – project partner

  Puskin str., 38, MD-3100, Bălți


 Alecu Russo Balti State University (USARB), by name of a great Moldovan philosopher Alecu Russo, is one of the oldest educational institutions in the Republic of Moldova and unique in the northern part of Moldova, being founded in 1945 as Pedagogical Institute.

The USARB are actively involved in performing a mix of appropriate activities as: innovation in Moldovan higher educational system; improving the relevance of  education to the labour market; innovation in teaching business administration; lifelong learning; internationalization of education as a resource for the development of society and culture; inclusive education through EU experience; Distance education and learning; development and modernization of curricula in the humanities and interdisciplinary sciences; development and implementation of joint Master’s degrees in business and finance; adopting the internationalization of education in the northern part of the country.

9.MOLDOVA STATE UNIVERSITY, Republic of Moldova – project partner

  1. Mateevici str. 60, MD-2009, Chișinău


 Moldova State University (USM/MSU) is the oldest and biggest University in Moldova with broad range of study programs and research area. The research process at the USM is the fundamental component of the academic process, being placed among the top spots in the national ranking.

 USM has a development strategy with defined objectives for modernization of curricula, development of creativity, support of innovation, and establishment of international cooperation in the context of European integration, and training the future researches. Also, to accelerate the transfer of research results in the economic environment, the USM provides support for development of innovative students’ start-ups to make competitive products/services, through the Student mentoring network.

 2. ACADEMY OF ECONOMIC STUDIES OF MOLDOVA, Republic of Moldova – project partner

                                                  61 Banulescu Bodoni str., MD-2005, Chișinău


The Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM) is a modern university complex, ranked as the largest institution of higher economic education in the Republic of Moldova, thanks to its commitment to high quality education, advanced scientific research, life-long development and ability to adapt to the society’s requirements.

The university is certified based on ISO 2000 and publishes its own scientific journals, accredited by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and the National Council for Accreditation and Attestation. ASEM is definitely an internationally-minded institution, having assumed the strategy for modernization, development and internationalization with more than 60 collaboration signed by now with various universities, institutions and agencies in different countries.

4.STATE AGRARIAN UNIVERSITY OF MOLDOVA, Republic of Moldova – project partner

 Mircești str.,44, MD-2049, Chișinău

State Agrarian University of Moldova (SAUM) is the oldest university in the country, founded in 1933 according to Order of the King Carol II of Romania and the only one Higher Education Institution (HEI) in Republic of Moldova (RM) which trains specialists for the area of agriculture –one of the most important branches of RM economy.

SAUM aims to modernize its educational programs, to increase attractiveness by strategic partnerships, to promote international mobility of students and teaching staff, and to encourage innovation to effectively respond to labor market needs. SAUM is the member of European University Association (EUA), and others International Organizations, being involved in many international projects within TEMPUS, Erasmus Mundus, ERASMUS+, Fulbright, Impulse, Cross-border cooperation etc.

6.CAHUL STATE UNIVERSITY “BOGDAN PETRICEICU HASDEU”, Republic of Moldova – project partner

 1 Piața Independenței str., MD-3909, Cahul

State University of Cahul “B. P. Hasdeu” (USCH), founded in June 1999, participated in 8 university consortia carrying out Tempus and Erasmus + projects, which were aimed at increasing the quality of higher education. The results of implemented projects were helped to develop new skills of teachers from specialized departments and increased awareness of the requirements necessary for international recognition of the USCH study programs.

The internationalization of USCH has been widely promoted through the Erasmus +,  with the aims to promote cooperation in the domain of education and science, including exchange of students and teachers, development of scientific research, the development of programs and joint research projects, studies and institutional development.

8.THE AGENCE UNIVERSITAIRE DE LA FRANCOPHONIE – Central and Eastern Europe Office, Romania – project partner

  1, Boulevard Schitu Magureanu, 050025, Bucharest

The Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) is an international association comprising universities, grandes écoles, academic networks and scientific research centres that use the French language all over the world. With a network of 843 members in 108 countries, AUF is a key player in the field of French-speaking academic cooperation, being one of the world’s largest higher education and research associations.

Since 1994, the regional office for Central and Eastern Europe operates from Bucharest, being in close proximity to its members, coordinating a network of 109 universities and research centres in 20 countries with the aim to establish and develop sustainable cooperation and strategic partnerships in higher education area.