Graduate students of the Business and Administration specialty, on January 28, 2020, were informed about the opportunities to continue their studies at the ASEM master programs. The information session was organized within the ReSTART project (Reinforce entrepreneurial and digital skills of students and teachers to enhance the modernization of higher education in MOLDOVA).

After a discussion regarding the trends existing on the labor market and the skills needed for a successful manager or entrepreneur, the students were told about how the Business Administration master program was modernized by implementing the results of the ReSTART project, including the study to identify the best practices of the European Union in the field of modernization of entrepreneurship education, study on entrepreneurial education within the university by involving stakeholders, by satisfying the expectations of the local market and using ICT methods, combining innovative teaching and learning activities.

The session was led by the head of the Management Department: Solcan Angela, prof., dr. and Dorogaia Irina, conf., dr. Also, the students of the third year of study participated, as well as several professors from ASEM, which highlighted the importance of continuing the studies in cycle II, Master.