During 25-27 April, the working session of the ReSTART team went successfully in the International Forum TRIANGLE 2018. The forum took place at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM), in Chisinau.

The 4th Annual International Forum “TRIANGLE”, organized by the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM) in 2018, was realized under the theme “FOSTERING KNOWLEDGE TRIANGLE IN MOLDOVA” and was aimed at fostering international cooperation among Higher Education Institutions from Moldova and European Universities as well as supporting and strengthening the role of universities in linking education, research and innovation in a knowledge triangle in Moldova.

In the Plenary Session Florentin PALADI, prof. dr. hab., research vice-rector, Moldova State University, presented the particularities of ReSTART project, clarifying and emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurial education and the modernisation opportunities that higher educational institutions derived from this project.

Subsequently, at ReSTART sessions, every local partner presented the results of their studies aimed at appreciating the satisfaction level related to entrepreneurship and digital skills of the universities` target group: teachers, students and organizations.

The favourable environment created by the moderator Liliana Lupușor, the Francophone University Agency (Agence Universitaire Francophonie), Romania encouraged a constructive exchange of ideas and opinions regarding further activities in the project ReSTART.