The first event of results’ multiplication „Good Practice on Career Guidance of Students ” within the framework of the project „Reinforce entrepreneurship and digital skills of students and teachers to reinforce the modernization of higher education in Moldova (ReSTART)” took place at Faculty of Economics, Informatics and Applied Sciences (building B, room 304) on the 14th of March, 2019.

This event was attended by students from the first and second cycle, from the Faculty of Economics, Engineering and Applied Sciences, high school students from the city of Cahul: Ioan-Voda, Ion Creanga, Mihai Eminescu, Dimitrie Cantemir, Petru Rumeanţev, pupils from College of Medicine and Iulia Hasdeu College, European experts, who at the same time are partners of the project at ANGEL KANCHEV University in Ruse, Bulgaria, Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia, The Agency of Francophone Universities, Romania.

The purpose of the event was to inform students and pupils, master students, entrepreneurs, professional associations, state-owned institutions about the innovative teaching and learning opportunities supported by the RESTART project, and the results obtained by USC within the project.

The European experts shared their experience with the participants about the good practices used in the career orientation of the students, and they came up with solutions in developing a successful career.

In this event, in collaboration with the Cahul Employment Directorate, in the person of Ms. Sarsaman Eugenia, was organized the Job Fair where  economic agents, professional associations, specialized state institutions from the South Region were invited to present their job offers: Draxelmaier Cahul, J.S.C. CahulPan, ICS Danube Logistic LLC, Tricon J.S.C., Customs Service, Cahul Police Inspectorate, Border Police Inspectorate, Penitentiary No. 5 Cahul, IP Post Cahul.